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My answers are in the quote box inside the quote box.
Just trying a new way to see if I like.

Originally Posted by sentient
Similar to Irish wake – no?
Could be there was whiskey. LOL

Sounds like a good protocol to follow.
Yes, and I should have added that people seem pretty loose on it nowadays.


I’ll bring this video clip (also my sentiments) back from the other thread:
I almost missed this link, that would have been unfortinate.Nice production but I needed them to zoom in on the nose ring to make sure ,but I imagine it was the right one. It still makes me laugh. I am familiar with similar stories and it seems so hard to deal with these things in a healthy manner.

We in the East weren’t forcibly converted to Christianity – but accepted the Russian Orthodox Church, which meant the survival of indigenous languages and culture alongside with Christianity.
That was nice of them

Later, when the Lutherans took over – a Saami Shaman in my family tree was condemned to death for using the drum - allegedly for dark purposes.
Sounds like an old trick (devil possessed)
People use name calling(savage, heathen etc.) to dehumanize and make their actions justified.

Lots of shamans (people felt allegiance to) at that time sang themselves to ‘the other side’ voluntarily – trying to save others from persecutions.

Perhaps closest example of our mixed with orthodox ways & spirit houses is found in Alaska:
I'll bet your chuckling because of the bluegrass in the vid. I know I am. LOL where's my chuckle emoji ?

This caught my eye in the Gypsy thread


I had just went through a different type of mini ceremony.
Times are changing.
It had to do with dreaming.
fog, Raven and sparrows. Humor and healing.
That was all fine but my Friends (Ojibwe and Cree) sat up with me all night
and partook through the computer and went through it with me.
It was kind of wild, trance states with little sleep. Nice.
I am fully convinced that didgeridoo music helped in this also.
Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
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