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Originally Posted by ImthatIm
My family was like, Party cause someone died and we're grieving.
Get the poker cards and whiskey and beers.
Invite all the friends and family to grieve with us.
Maybe shoot the guns later on in the night, wake every body up because we're grieving.
I grew up in alcoholism and gunfire.
Starts sounding like a country song.
My Father was a Harley riding Native, black hat cowboy, gunslinger. For sure.

Similar to Irish wake – no?

Originally Posted by ImthatIm
Most traditional people here on Turtle Island (as it was known before the America's.)
that I have been around, say grieve in the funeral and speak their name show pics or vids.
Then no speaking the name or viewing pics. / vids. for a year.
This year is the time for the Spirit to travel.
Speaking their name or anything that induces tears or grieving could interrupt (Call back)
their journey Home.
At 1 year you do a memorial and giveaway and dinner.
Then you can speak the name or show pics. or vids.

Sounds like a good protocol to follow.


I’ll bring this video clip (also my sentiments) back from the other thread:

We in the East weren’t forcibly converted to Christianity – but accepted the Russian Orthodox Church, which meant the survival of indigenous languages and culture alongside with Christianity.

Later, when the Lutherans took over – a Saami Shaman in my family tree was condemned to death for using the drum - allegedly for dark purposes.

Lots of shamans (people felt allegiance to) at that time sang themselves to ‘the other side’ voluntarily – trying to save others from persecutions.

Perhaps closest example of our mixed with orthodox ways & spirit houses is found in Alaska:

Shaman’s quest:
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