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618 and name Bhavna

When I was 19 a firm hired me for charity and was working with this woman called Bhavna. I left my job and our bussiness was over. After years I made 2 email addresses ending with 618 . Her Holiness Bhavna Shinde appeared in my life through free conference call and her Id number starts with 618. I did everything she asked me. Offering cotton flowers at her holy feet.

Now I see our mind can perceive numbers and names in a mechanical way. I was stunned my collegue from charity was actually of indian origin.

Then I found out H.H. Bhavna studied in Miami. I knew this man that lived in Miami - I met him before knowing the word Bhavna.

* Bhavna and H.H. Bhavna are 2 different women

Gratitude to God
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