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Christianity doesn’t like witches because they fear the unknown. They fear what they do not understand. They fear what they may or may not be able to control.

In a world of so much influenced minds already... the last thing they want is everyone getting on a band-wagon thinking they are witches with super powers of some kind, as depicted in movies and the likes, because that would just cause havoc in so many possible ways it’s not funny. And there are surely people out there of “unsound” minds that think witchcraft is all... what it isn’t.

Bit like “extremists” really. Of which is just another problem in a world of already messed up conceptions of what is and isn’t. Religion started extremists! Yet the “witch groups” are not seen as a forerunner of extremist groups.
Imagine if all the witches rallied together around the world? It would be a very powerful “group” of possible mind/faith/religious altering ways...and that, the churches do not want. But again, the churches don’t want “anything” that they fear could “take over the people.”

It goes for the whole range of “religions” and a lot of people in general.
Every religion has their own set ways... and death to all others because their ability to an open mind is closed by their own faith for whatever reason they want to justify it.

Witches are depicted as evil simply because “religion” says so.

Are witches evil? What a crock of sh*t!
But of course there are people out there in the world that call themselves a witch and are nothing but evil intent. These people aren’t “witches” but simply egotistical power-mongers/bullies/control freaks that get off on causing others pain and harm in whatever way they can. Quite like “religion”.
(and neither needs to be witch or religious really for that to be)

There is good and bad in “everything”, everywhere. The world is proof of that.

Most witches and those that follow The Craft are closer to “a source of God” (good) in a natural, God given way... then most “studied for years” religious nuts.

And just to add – Most good witches have an open mind beyond what any church/religion could ever comprehend.

Magic – is a whole different topic I feel.
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