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Originally Posted by PhoenixRosa
People go to a tarot reader because they want easy answers. 99% of the reading is about a someone's love life. For me there are no negative cards in the tarot, only block energy and things we need to work on within ourselves.
Exactly. I personally do not read for such people. I also don't do health or legal stuff if it's a paid for reading. Too risky.
And TF readings I don't do either for the simple reason that most people who think they're TFs are not at all. Meaning I will have to convey that and I will end up with dissatisfied or angry customers.
I once did a legal reading, people in a truly dire situation with lawyers involved and all. I decided after that, never again!! It's just too risky.

When you clearly convey your guidelines upfront of what you don't and do read, you also end up with people who appreciate a good solid reading, which in turn is fulfilling to me :)
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