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Originally Posted by Lucky
I have suffered from vertigo attacks on and off for the past 10 years. I'm not sure what triggers it, but I've had about three episodes where the dizziness lasts a month. I'm over three weeks in to one of those spells at the moment. I'm a big believer that physical ailments manifest from an underlying emotional cause and have been on a slow and steady path of self healing through reiki over the past three years. I look to alternative treatments because conventional medicine has done nothing to alleviate or properly diagnose what is causing this dizziness. They've said its inner ear issues. Mri shows nothing and I was given pills to treat the dizzy symptom itself and was given muscle relaxers at one point in time...all which make me zombie-like, which is no way to live.

These three bad episodes including this one seem to happen when I'm on the brink of change, if I could see a pattern here. To try to alleviate the dizziness I have seen a chiropractor and recently tried 5 sessions of acupuncture only to feel worse after that fifth session. I'm tired of spending money on visits when they can't educate me as a patient as to what is going on with my body.

Here's a bit of a background:
This most recent episode of dizziness followed a migraine for 3 days, and has left my head spinning for almost a full month now. I can't be sure what triggered it, but it seemed to start after some new Clair abilities started opening up (random channeled messages, visions, precognition and communication with spirits without even trying too hard this stuff all came about). The month long episode before this one came after my very first reiki session and also left me dizzy for a month.

Physically, I have tight neck and shoulders, adrenal fatigue made worse after spending too much time with people, ears popping, tones in the ears occasionally, sharp migraines in the right side of my head only, and occasionally heart palpitations...not sure if physical symptoms cause anxiety or anxiety is causing physical symptoms, or if I'm just super sensitive to my environment. All I know is that I'm tired of being a hermit and afraid to even go to the grocery store.

I've tried like heck to meditate on this and reiki it all but I'm still left with a big question mark. If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it! And please, no responses like "drink more water"...I do drink an adequate amount.

Lucky have you tried Tablets for Sea sickness /Travel Sickness, they work for me and I have no side-effects from them.

Has Migraine been ruled out? Mine are caused by Migraines, sometimes with a headache and other times without. Hope you get some relief because they are nasty.
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