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I am guessing you saw a neurologist, Lucky? And that's when you had the MRI which showed nothing.
I don't know for sure, but am guessing -that inner ear problems may not show on an MRI, but that doesn't make them less "neurological" possibly or less troublesome. Being fobbed off with symptom-relievers is frustrating when you want to find out what it actually is!

It is possible the cause is some nerve mis-firing in communication between inner ear and brain. I would think a good neurologist would be able to work that one out if he/she thought it might be the case. I would urge you to go one more time to some good specialist (maybe not the same one you went to before). It would be worth the hassle perhaps. A true physical cause must be ruled out.

Oh and get eyes checked thoroughly too. It is possible to feel quite motion-sick/dizzy when vision isn't at its best or even wearing the wrong pair of glasses! (or an old prescription.)

Psychologically and energetically, dizziness can be caused by being pulled in different directions, and being unable to keep up with the sudden changes so a disorientation occurs and a confusion about your place in "space" so to speak. Maybe some tendency to find decision-making hard? Or if not that, then being deeply unsure about your ability to make good decisions and follow them?

You sound exhausted from what you have said, and thus find too much stimulus (re: people) tiring. It could be that your energy lags behind a bit when these changes are happening. It is hard to jump into new circumstances because of energy not functioning at its best, so wavering can also cause dizziness.

Vitamin B is very good for energy management. But check that you are suitable for supplements. Some people with energy depletion do well on that. But some people (i.e. with Chronic Fatigue) can have odd reactions not always positive.

Acupuncture could be VERY helpful too.

But don't just listen to me twittering on.....
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