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WE HAVE no dogmas or creeds in the Theosophical Society nor in its work; and thus it is that we have Hindu Theosophists, and Buddhist Theosophists, and Christian Theosophists, and Mohammedan Theosophists, and Jewish Theosophists, as well as other Theosophists who belong to no religion - except to Theosophy as the RELIGION of religions. Hence it is our bounden duty to cultivate in our hearts the spirit of brotherly love towards all however much they may differ from us in philosophical and religious or scientific opinions; but while we are thus absolutely free as members in our choice of religion and philosophy, we all hold to the primeval pre-requisite of a Theosophist, which is a belief in Universal Brotherhood and an adherence to the sublime ethics which Theosophy teaches.

G de Purucker, Wind of the Spirit
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