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I don't think it is as rare as people think it is.
If you want my opinion on being "different" All I can say is congratulations! Hahaha. I am glad we're all not the same.
What your mentioning will have challenges. I have problems with groups of people and communication quite often. When I write on here I often go back and edit because all my thoughts on a topic don't come all at once or I really don't know how to put things until I think about it for a while. That really does put a damper on social skills. So yes I have my problem and it creates challenges.
But like everything, weakness in one area will create strengths in "different" area's. That's why I hate labels, especially the "different" label. Being different is a great gift if you don't focus on what's wrong it's a challenge that can be beaten. Focus on what's right and build on those strengths. From my wrongs, I developed a "different" set of strong skills very few others have and that's something special.
Attitude is everything! Accept who you are. I am a horrible machanic I accepted that a long time ago. But damn it I can grow the most beautiful flower garden anyone has seen. If you know what I mean. As for being someone dealing with someone else who is different. Be patient, let mistake be made but don't dwell on the mistakes.
The villain often plays the victim.
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