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Originally Posted by PMPM71
How would you define evil?
Is it a lack of something, a disease, a part of good, a wrong choice or what?
for me, evil is intent. For example if you kill an animal out of cold blood, that's evil. But if you kill an animal in intent to give life, for food and so on that's not evil.
What makes evil is all you mentioned along with greed. Good and evil are often taught and the evil doer may simply not know any better that would be lacking knowledge. In cases it's not taught it's a disease. When evil get distorted into good intent it becomes a very infectious disease. At times it can be a part of good. If someone does something evil in your life you can make a vow never to do it, or to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else in turn making something bad into good.
The villain often plays the victim.
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