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Reading for traceyacey12

Where should traceyacey12 be directing her attention this time

Using Druid Craft Tarot - I pulled Prince of cups, Ace of wands and the chariot.

I feel movement is referenced very strongly. The first card shows the man on horseback. The stag in the ace of wands is looking across a gap and the chariot - 2 horses. I feel that you are on a path but you have to make a quantum leap as referenced by the stag and the void, the gap. The cards also indicate a movement towards movement. Ie the prince is very still, and it is night-time. When day comes the stag makes the leap and then you find yourself driving forwards with the chariot. So, what is it that you aren't progressing, what is it that you are keeping stuck and what is the leap that you need to make in order to get back to the driving seat? Because if you do make that leap - or rather when you do make that leap - as the lightbulb moment as indicated with the sun in the ace of wands, you will find yourself in the driving seat, confident and in balance with one black and one white horse.

in a nutshell - direct your attention at change and unsticking stuck things in order to move forwards

I hope that helps! Good luck.

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