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Recurring dream of meeting versions of myself

I started to have this strange recurring dream where I meet different versions of myself from different times and places.They are all me and I am them, same personality but different bodies, please don't tell me that this is just my imagination, when I woke up first time when it happened, the first words I said were: "I met myself and I was 3 different people"; I was completely amazed!

I think I met at least 4 versions of myself, I can remember that one was a child, one was a solider in WW1 or WW2, I can't be sure, for example, last night I was a child again.

I feel as if they want me to see them, to acknowledge their ( mine ) existence through all the ages of mankind, these recurring dreams appeared from nowhere, when I first experienced this I met those 3 versions of myself and I've seen quite some things, everything was so vivid, it was like real life.I was in "the shoes" of these 3 people and at the same time I was observing them from outside that time and place.

The first child was with this soldier and they were trying to hide from the others soldiers, why? Simply because the solider ( I ) was completely against wars, I just had no desire to be part of such a horrible thing.Both the child and the solider where me and I was them.
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