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The short and easy answer is switch on the light and darkness will disappear. I can't tell your mental state but assuming all is neurologically healthy, positivity will work for you and not feeding fire with fire by giving attention to the negatives.

The more you associate with positive people, positive books, positive music etc. the more that positivity becomes contagious. And I don't know if you have a spiritual practice, but you should start one that brings you into the light - peace, love, harmony, contentment, equanimity, wisdom.

It also really important to be grounded in the everyday here and now, in your body - especially if you are sensitive to energies.

Darkness is just ignorance. Feed your happiness. Go out into Nature, follow your "feel good". Be free. Don't buy into other people's beliefs but experiment to test what works for you.

You can also create a positive intention, a noble intention, using affirmation, mantra or prayer and that will attract more evolved beings into your world.

Aside from all of this which is on the outside, your light, your essence is bliss and that's within you. Nothing can taint that part of you - nothing.

Best wishes on your journey to freedom,
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