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Too bad the video “WILD IRELAND” - “The Burren heart of Stone” of my first post is no longer available.

No habitat - no animals.

A friend of mine, already a 4th generation farming Aussie still felt like she hadn’t properly connected to this land.
Being active in “Reconciliation Movement”, she thought she could reconnect to the land through the Aboriginal connection to it, but the Dreamtime, Song lines & the Kinship system (Moiety, Totem and Skin Names) were too different a culture to her own to relate.

So she bought a piece of eroded, degraded land where the soil had been mined of all its nutrients by bad farming and livestock management that only lantana (weed) would grow on it anymore.
After clearing the Lantana, bit by bit she started planting local native trees and shrubs onto the land and bit by bit she started to see ecosystems form and wildlife return. Witnessing all that, her love for the land grew and she reconnected.

The story of forests in Ireland:

Expanding on the story:

I find it interesting how Irish or Celts have got this rich folklore about trees, when there are/were hardly none left.
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