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Originally Posted by Lepus

Some bug experts are calling this a hype and people shouldn't be concerned about these giant hornets spreading across America. Others are worried of the potential invasion and the further decline of honeybees.

On a more positive note there's a video showing a praying mantis eating a murder hornet.

Should we be concerned?


I have heard tell that they can cut through those plastic screens and steal young virgin girls right out of their beds and fly off with them into the night. Kinda like those leaping giant tarantulas that that can clear a second story window to crawl in and bite young virgin girls on the neck as they sleep. It would seem if one is a young virgin girl they might have something to worry about. Maybe get some aluminum screens on those bedroom windows. As far as the rest of us, well ...... hard times a commin one way or another.

BTW: I saw how piranha fish can jump out of aquarium tanks, escape through the plumbing to swim up rivers, jump out of the water and go through second story windows and bite you as well. And not just young virgin girls either, nobody is safe! Scary! Scary!

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