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Originally Posted by 7luminaries
We ignore the wisdom of native cultures at our peril. I hope we learn sooner rather than later than this existence is about community and sustainability, and honouring humanity and other life.

So far, our mainstream culture's greed, arrogance, and dishonouring others and other life to satisfy our momentary desires and our need for control has led us in the wrong direction.

Taking ownership of all these things that we have done in the mainstream culture with repentance and humility is the only way forward in a different direction, toward sustainability and reconciliation.

So far, the resistance toward ownership of our actions is really just entrenched. But I have to hope and believe that standing for the simple reality that these things have and are happening -- and refusing to deny them -- will eventually lead to acceptance and awakening.

Peace & blessings
Have you ever studied Native American history?

Examine treaties signed by Native Americans?

How much interaction have you had with Native Americans?


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