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Originally Posted by inavalan
In "Dreams, evolution, value fulfillment", Session 891, Seth says:
Very simply: You want something, you dwell upon it consciously for a while, you consciously imagine it coming to the forefront of probabilities, closer to your actuality. Then you drop it like a pebble into Framework 2 [*], forget about it as much as possible for a fortnight, and do this in a certain rhythm.

[*] Framework 2 is the nonphysical source of physical reality. Framework 1 is the everyday physical reality.
Great post.

I will like to add that it is important that a person must be grateful for what he/she already has, even if he/she thinks what he/she has is bad/negative, instead of worrying about what he/she wants and/or does not have.

I mean bad/negative are only concepts/judgments of the good and positive, which the eternal and infinite right here and right now is, the mind/self/Self just does not see or perceive it as a good/positive opportunity to grow/evolve mentally and emotionally.
"Not-being was this in the beginning; From it arose. Self-fashioned indeed out of itself." -Upanishads

Heaven, Earth, and I were produced together; and all things and I are one." -Chang Tzu

"It is from the nameless that Heaven and Earth sprang." -Tao Te Ching
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