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Originally Posted by SaturninePluto
Thank you for the link, I have not had enough time to check it out yet, but I will find the time.
Oh, you don’t have to watch it, it is just there as an example of going through chakras and discovering animals (or something else?) linked to them.
People’s (ancestral animal forefather) totems I usually see as a superimposed image overlay on their physical appearance.
Yes the thoughts and feelings that came up for me, were the possibility of this being a power animal- needing to be returned, but at the time I had not heard of such things. I found myself intuiting a lot of what I did while viewing the auric field. I had never seen or tried these things before- that I saw them started me out, I came to the conclusion to try these things. I am still surprised by this experience.

I think I will take my time with this- I am in the process of learning, and the thought of trying soul retrieval frightens me in a way- as I do not know all it entails.
Don’t push yourself into something you feel uneasy about.
Perhaps the main thing is to know how to centre and balance yourself, so that you can then like - ‘hold vigil’, hold place/space for a person who has ‘split’ - who is quite literally beside themselves and after a while they’ll start to calm down and ‘centre’ themselves.
I asked these questions as I was unsure why this experience happened to me. I was not expecting it, and am surprised by it.

I shouldn't be I suppose? I have had information out there- I personally have been unaware of come to me in this manner before- in a communicating with spirit type way. I would think, these things eventually would stop coming as a surprise?
Energetically - we know directly within ourselves what is happening and intuitively often also what to do within that situation, but the left hemisphere, the logical mind is always the last to know and always surprised.
Shaman’s quest:
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