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Originally Posted by linen53
My huntress cat like to play and torture. The collars were my compromise. It took planning, buying the supplies online, waiting for everything to arrive and sewing on the bells, but well worth the time and effort. She is not bothered by her collars and I don't have to watch her torture innocent wildlife (very often).

It would be a different story if she ate them, but she doesn't.

That's cats for you lol. I was surprised when my little Alice killed a mouse. She's a small cat and I didn't think she could kill anything. She did though and she didn't eat it either.

I'm surprised your cat doesn't mind her collar. Usually, cats don't like them. I had to knit Alice a collar because she wouldn't stop hurting herself by scratching her neck. The sores needed to heal and she just wouldn't let them. We ended up having to bring her to the Vet.
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