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Originally Posted by linen53
I have two huntresses. One has stopped hunting and bringing in presents, the other still brings in kills. For this little cat I've bought some homemade cloth collars (on Etsy) and sewn on tiny bells to alert her prey.

The bells are so very small they don't tinkle (rather, they thunk if I shake them next to my ear) but it's enough to alert most of the birds and mice and the bells don't irritate her with the constant tinkling. I have two such collars and change them occasionally to repair the bells and wash them.

I searched high and low for several months online for a cat collar with bells on them (mine have ten 10 bells surrounding the collar) and only found collars with one dangly bell which, in my opinion, can get caught on something and trap the cat.

Over this weekend I have had to rescue 2 desperate mice brought into the house and kept alive as toys. One of them was so terrified it was screaming and shaking. Fortunately I put the poor things safely outside. I can accept my cat killing them quickly but I don't want them to suffer like that.

I am going to compromise and do what you suggested. I want my cat to be able to hunt but I also want to give the poor mice (who are not bothering me) a chance to escape.
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