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Originally Posted by asearcher
What has happened to me is that suddenly it is as if I have a new awareness without having tried to have it.
i think i gave that to my twin by paying her too much attention lol. I suppose she might have been frightened of me but I didn't see it that way at the time, wasn't possible to see past what happened as a result back then. I remember something else like that from first grade - I was looking up at the half-moon in the late morning hours. I still remember thinking 'I love xxxx'. anyway I was both jealous that I couldn't have what the twin had and distraught about the twin wanting to leave after that. But I suppose looking back it was for the best. As it turns out one of the things I most need to learn is how to let people go when it is time.
It would be fun too to know how different we are. There are different spiritual gifts, and awareness, to my understanding.

mostly i'm stuck in a glass room, I can see a lot by looking out different windows but can't touch much. So usually if someone says something to me about their life I have some idea of what that is like, but again as if through windows. It is frustrating not being able to see so many of the possibilities yet not be able do much of anything lol.

That said I'm empathic. Enough so that I would get lost in others lives if people would let me... but noone will.

Still I have a little bit of a meditative practice; I prefer to practice 'out in the world' rather than in a quiet room but that is just me. I feel like I've made progress despite the claims that one cannot do it this way. Or about the claims either that one is not supposed to make progress (wolfish grin). A couple of weeks ago I was at some restaurant sitting on the patio while I practiced and watched the birds flit about, it was very nice.
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