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Originally Posted by JustASimpleGuy
You can also read "The Emperor's New Mind" by Sir Roger Penrose, the recognized expert on the fine scale structure of the universe, or check out some of his YouTube talks.

Read that book in early 90's and many others of similar vein.

Uni-V-erse is self observant of itself, via, all of its parts and the resultant of some collections of the parts as humans and their access to metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concepts and ego.

.................Space( Time *) i (* Time)Space...........................

Torus has inherently bilaterality via the internal arrow-of-time ----/\/\/\/--> coming around to meet itself see interaction of two hemis-sheres of brain--- and humans are the most complex bilateral biologics/souls of Uni-V-erse.

All charge is resultant induction via inversion ---ex (><)(><)--- phenomena of positive shaped geodesics of Gravity ( ) aka mass-attraction and negative shaped geodesics of Dark Energy )(.

Universe is composed of ultra-high number of tori{ my speculation } that form as femions and bosons.

Ex the unstable meson{ strong nuclear force } I believe is composed of two great tori. OO

Six great tori define a quark OO OO OO LINK
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