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Originally Posted by Altair
Currently watching Knightfall.

Did the ending made any sense to you? I thought the characters were interesting and there was more potential to it all.

Maybe a matter of budget or maybe it's just me.

It used the dark/light symbol and after she fully absorbed the darkness there was an explosion of light, making the battle she fought during the film not so much between the protagonist and antagonist but a battle in her own soul, which was carried forward into the strobe light flashing between the evil and good in the urban setting which marks her choice between worlds - the one that burns the forest, or the one that protects it.

It draws together other symbols such as the burning forest referencing burning the villagers and a bit more with the black tears referencing back to the poisoning scene where they shared the poison. Like the good poisons itself... it was all internalised by the protagonist in the last scene. Question remaining, can the worlds live together/can she live with herself, and who is she mostly, the destroyer or protector, which may not be resolved, but the nature of the eternal...
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