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I've started working with the book :)
I had great resistance, even when buying, as I could feel I was going to go deep with the tapping scripts from the book.
And this still stand!
Currently working with the root chakra and holy cow!! There are themes and scripts to tap with for those themes -root chakra related themes of course. I do adapt the scripts where necessary, and it says to do so to if need be. Without digressing from the theme of course otherwise you might as well not buy the book.
But so far what I've noticed is that you go much deeper, more focused, on certain issues -specific to the root chakra- then with 'normal' tapping.
The scripts are amazing, and quite long which confused me at first. I thought "Am I supposed to take the part that resonates wtih me???"
But nope. You really do the whole lot and by the time you're halfway through the emotions begin to stir and get released.
Then there are 2 more scripts as of course you don't get rid of everything in one go. So with the other 2 you go A) even deeper & continue on it B) the last script is focused to sooth things and to bring in love and acceptance.

So far I've done 2 themes: Inner Child and just nog Healing the body.
Great resistance for the healing the body, and I need that so so much, which is likely also why I have such strong resistance. A lot of stuff that's stuck that has to come out and no, I'm not looking forward to crying a river, hihi.
I did anyway. Lots of tissues at hand and I went through lots.

I'm also taking my time to work through it all. That's new. Normally I race through something. Not with this. I allow it to do it's work, take the time to let things settle and work through it.
I do notice it is changing and shifting things. I have gained so much insight in things! And am a very conscious & aware person, always busy with personal growth and development, worked my way through a ton of issues & trauma (and I've had lots), but still had missed the things that now come up.
Beautiful insights.

I can wholeheartedly say I recommend this book for anyone who's willing to seriously work on things.
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