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Hi chi chi,

I am glad it helped you. It could very well be this friend. Then again, it may not be. Maybe a pertinent question to ask yourself, is what kind of energy or emotion did you feel that your 'sister' in the dream 'gave off'?

For example, if mainly the emotion was one of fear then this could indicate that you are 'running away' with your fear or rather letting your fear run away with you!

Sometimes dreams are literal, sometimes they are not. Really, I think the main message in this dream to you is for you to follow your own spiritual guidance and work with your intuition more. Also, not to let your emotions, mainly fear it seems, to stop you from doing this. That is only my interpretation though chi chi, so take what sounds right to you from this, for ultimately it is what sounds right to you that will work best for you.

I hope this helps, K.