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Originally Posted by Guff779
I helped my younger cousin with some assignments in first year, done half of his exam and two exams in his second year and a big project for him final year. ... I will help students in the future. ... Will these people have to pay the price in another lifetime
In addition to the other comments, I am curious as to why you do this.

Is there any financial arrangement involved?

Or is it simply out of the goodness of your heart that you give your time and energy to do other peoples' assignments?

Or is it that deep down you want to be liked and you do this so your cousin will like you for helping him?

But I have to wonder why your younger cousin couldn't do this work himself. Is he simply lazy? Are you enabling his laziness by doing his work for him? When it comes to living in the real world he may have a shock. If he cannot apply himself to doing the work for a course he has chosen to do then how will he cope in a world where he has to fend for himself? Or will he just find other people to sponge off?

Never mind the karmic consequences for these other people. How about any karmic consequences for yourself?

Human behaviour is always interesting.

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