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Part 2 A Visit to a Far Place

I think the year was 1949. I had just turned seven. I was enrolled at our local Catholic school in San Diego, CA. As I remember my class was being instructed in preparation for our first communion. This was the time when I began to think about aspects of life that were spiritual and not just physical. Did we really have souls? What were they like? I remember wondering that, if I should try hard enough, could I rise up and float away in my sleep. Exploring heaven and meeting God would be fun.

Yes there really are heavens associated with the Earth. This is one aspect of the afterlife that is not discussed by any religion that I know of. They will teach about heaven but never examine it closely or connect it in a relational way with the Earth. But the Earth does have spiritual as well as physical realms. Further all of us are connected to the various subtle (spiritual) planes and sub planes while yet living. This is the function of the chakras that we all have. So few know that the Earth has chakras too. Ours are connected to hers. This is the reason, the mechanism that allows us to claim we are “of the Earth”. And these subtle connections give us the ability to experience what we call psychic events. The various planes are the conduits through which intuitive glimpses travel, one person to another, your chakra to the corresponding Earth’s chakra then to me via my chakra which was “tuned in”. This phenomena is exactly what meditation is all about. If neither the Earth nor us had chakras psychic sensitivity would be impossible. No need to believe in magic. Everything is knowable in rational terms. I always emphasize the above because it is seldom fully understood, even by mediums.

Here in the Healing Room we are somewhere near the mid point of the concentric shell which is the astral plane. In physical terms this would put us approximately thirteen thousand miles distant from the center of the Earth. Of course we can’t see it with our physical eyes or sense it using scientific instruments. Hints of it’s existence are not understood therefore brushed aside. It is there nonetheless. We interact with it all the time via our chakras.

We have come to understand what we can and cannot do here in the Room. We’ve had some good times. Today we will take a look at another aspect, one which is seldom spoken of but one that will find familiar acceptance in all of us. We are going on a journey of discovery to the part of heaven which is reserved for our animal friends. We can do this so long as we don’t stay too long and as long as we observe and interact with respect. It will be an area of different vibrations.

Our hostess and guide today will be our dear friend Lady Pumpkin. She is very proud of being of the order pacydermata. She wears this distinction with a genuine sense of contentment in her service to us and we to her. We find ourselves understanding better the sometimes unknown paths in creation. Lady stands ready for departure just outside the entrance to the Room. Big John directs the magical carpet to the ground at her left side. We all climb aboard. As we are seated we note that the carpet, being magical, increases its size to accommodate everyone. Elfin is seated right in front. A huge smile on her face. Others are here. Anala hops aboard carrying a basket filled with freshly baked scones. She has some butter and honey too in the other hand. In a basket are fresh strawberries, and clotted cream. My goodness who will eat all of this? Now Bartholomew steps aboard and finds a spot. For once he has little to say. Just Tim watches, hesitates but then steps onto a corner of the carpet. Anyone else? Miss Hepburn is up front where she can help to navigate. Legrand and Gemma are here too. Lastly there are three others. They’ve been following the thread but never joined in. We don’t know their names but we sense their nearness. They are welcome.

Big John has loaded so much food that we begin to wonder if the carpet is able to stretch itself to the required dimensions and, if so, will it be able to lift off. Sure it’s magic but just the same we wonder. Sausages, hot pasta, pastries, steak cutlets for Elfin, a couple bales of alfalfa and a dozen or so pumpkins for Lady to munch on. Two barrels of homemade beer courtesy of… well it’s a secret but Lady found out about it and put “dibs” on one of them. One large Thermos filled with G and T in case anyone has a “scratchy throat” Last are two bags of special treats. Ready? All aboard... At the last moment the most amazing thing happens. The carpet, loaded as it is, floats gently off the ground then ascends to the level of Lady’s back. It moves sideways. It’s over her. Now it descends and transforms. It’s not a carpet anymore. Now it’s a genuine Indian style howdah. Amazing. Are we ready? Lady lifts her trunk in salute and sounds a call to any and all animals who might be listening. She is also bidding farewell to Goodness and High Bette who dutifully stay behind to mind the Room in our absence. They nod in return. Lady takes a step forward, looks up into the sky. What? Is it really? Here come the reindeer all the way from the north land of the Sami people. And in front is Rudolph. It’s their off season after all. They’re happy to help. They arrange themselves in the lead and, hang on tight, off we go.

To be continued...
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