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Adventures With the First Angel

Part 1 The Meeting

She appeared to us one day as we relaxed on a lawn near a lake. We were resting now in preparation for our return trip. We were visiting our animal friends and noted that some of these were of types which are no longer extant on the physical Earth. A land of wonders we thought it. It was, truly.

In a small stone circle, within a burst of brilliance, magical fire perhaps but not ordinary light, she stood. Without speaking we all knew her name. The Lady (in the Light). Telepathy between all of us and her. The various animals took note as well… Perhaps they had seen her before. Without speaking in the ordinary way she bid us travel with her, for a while, to see a land that is usually hidden to those on Earth.

We had been visiting this land, using a magical carpet as our conveyance. It seemed the thing to do especially since it was our animal friend, Lady Pumpkin (an Indian elephant) who had shaped it for us into a howdah which afforded room for us all, in comfort, on her back. And there were others as well. Then, with Rudolph from the land of the Sami people guiding us… off we went.

We were not on Earth at the time. Our physical selves were of course but in our astral bodies we all met in our healing room garden as we often did. Where is this place? In about the mid range of the Earth’s astral plane, above many others but still far below the highest, the land of the golden light. Here there is found solace from the burdens of the Earth, for a while.

We were in our garden when, one day, we heard a call, a summons. Following this we found ourselves on a long journey to the other side of the astral plane, to a distant land which is seldom open to we humans. It was the land set aside for animal souls who, like us, rest between incarnations. Here in this particular area were domestic animals and others which lived with humans in their lives just past. And we? We would have the opportunity to visit the souls of our dear little friends who had earlier brought us so much joy. Now, the visiting finished, we rested on the lawn waiting to return when the Lady appeared.

To be continued...

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