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Ability Development

a lot of people are born with abilties and dont now it my first one was clairaudience i was born this although i was only a baby i remember it well i remember i was erked as i was having a beautiful dream about a garden that looked so really a humming bird was going by the warm sunlight the glistening vivid green grass to suddenly have a voice call me by name that sounded very officialneeddless to say this was only the begining trauma blunted my develoment not going into it because of the sensitive nature i mostly ignored it as i was growing up as i thought it was my imagination furthermore i had a visual shock when my guide decided to surprise me when just before i turned five of what an aura looks like from there prospective this also had a really negative effect on me so the voices stopped fopr a long time my best advice if you think your clairaudient is if you hear sound that dont sound human a famliar is the growl there are others but they are difficult to describe and put into words if you hear the growl and nobody else does with a group of people this a definant sign you are clairaudient they pass close to your aura which picks up there subtle vibrations but if they know you have any of these abilties they will approach you in some stealth way but i would not fear them they feed on negative energy if you keep you vib positive they stay away but i noticed they come and go modern day life has almost ruined our spiritual self people in the early day were superstious and talking about such things was a no no i blame the church in some way and the establishment for conditioning people when really it was just natural as i said people are born this way anyway
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