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Akashic Records and Remote Access of Various Timelines

Time to me is just action, motion which equates to a sense of *life* vs stillness, slumber, and dreams.

In a sense, I think theres only one moment, that is constantly transforming and shifting because it must.
Like fire, that reaches ever upwards, until its extinguished, only to be resummoned and begin the cycle anew.

but maybe there are snapshots of these capricious transformations stored in the subconscious mind. Maybe there are branches of each lick of flame, that take on a life of their own, until they become unrecognizable.

I dont know.

So I dont believe in physical time travel, like at all.

but spiritual time travel is very possible in my opinion.
I believe people can have psychic fore-sight or retrospect, and it can even explore different timelines, from points where an individual or group made a choice of some sort.
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