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Originally Posted by RedEmbers
Dear Hallow
Can you share an experience of some such occasion?
for the most part I do. Like to go out of my comfort zone. Ooooh jeeezzz, where do I start. I'll use today for an example, I was about a 30 minute drive from home, and there was a major storm very close and I was rushing to get out of it's reach storm and tornado warnings repeating themselves on the radio. It was really creepy, I HATE driving in storms let alone very severe storms. During all this weather drama. I saw a broken down motorist. I was one the same evil stretch of road that I was broken down on just a week before (a totally different comfort zone incident) no matter what the storm was doing I just had to take the time to stop and see if everything was ok and offered to give him a ride somewhere safer. He declined, but I still offered. I felt I had to "return the favor" and I felt his pain. Hahaha
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