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Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker
A continuum of mindfulness, wherein our softened attention remains within reach of our active awareness, with continued practice, as a way of life, possibly blurs boundaries between layers of consciousness.

Reworded, taking the subconscious to be latent impressions and conscious to be our prioritised cognitions, once we deselect accordance of mind body (ego) related preference, we get nearer to a continuum of unbroken awareness, on an as is, where is basis.


i am sorry to say that i cannot wrap my head around your post. I simply fail to understand what you exactly mean by all that thus unable to comment anything.

Please avoid highly metamorphic language as more often than not it becomes vague. Secondly, as english is not my first language so it troubles me more. I would appreciate simple, plain, clear and to the point conversation.

with love,
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