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You always gotta ask yourself why you want to do something, or why you want what you want. And what it is you truely want. And tune into your own personal emotional guidance system to connect more fully with your own greater knowing that you always got acces to, relatively, energy motionally, emotionally.
If you allow logic to lead you, and you ignore your emotional guidance system and your inner wisdom of your inner being and greater non-physical consciousness, then you always manifest negative life situations, to point you back to your inner being and your greater knowing and inner guidance you are always receiving. It can be like a wake up call. To remind you you are focused in contradiction to who and all that you truely are being and becoming evermore here and now, where and when all of your greater intentions are always held purely by your inner being, ever expanding, evermore naturally and effortlessly and freely and joyfully. So you can never get lost. Just make things a bit difficult for yourself, temporarily, but still gain more clarity of your true intention and purpose and joy.
Sharing my perspective and enjoying your sharing and our co-creating.
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