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Oh i said looking at the person who was giving me lift saying that he was
experiencing these dark smoke i did not tell him about my most worrying
experiences that i witnessed shadow people on certain peoples door step as
if they were leaning up against there front doors checking for reflections that
could cause street light etc only to pass the following night at more or less
the same time and it was just a normal night i was not scared the first or
even second time i witnessed it but the third time i was a little scared this
was not my worst experience as i said i was practicing chakra exercises id
catch occasional glimpses poufs of dark smoke but took no notice, it was an
exciting to do this practice and feel my aura around my body it just feels like
thousands of pins and needles rushing round my body and i was feeling
these sensations with the palms of my hands i was pretty excited. getting
back to the person who was giving me a lift i advised him not to worry and
think more positively as id been in a similar position myself twenty years ago
and i know the effects of mental having an effect on the individual, i thanked
my lift who dropped me off closer too bus stop that was still running back
into my area, back to the chakra practice which had been going on for three
weeks the one night i had got into bed i usually relaxed myself before i
switched the light off which was via a remote control device i had placed at
the side of my bed i closed my eyes for a time knowing i would wake up to
turn the light off all of a sudden everything went pitch black in my minds
eyes and i could feel something squeezing in the back of my head as if an
hand had reached into my head and but i could still hear everything it must
have only happened for a few seconds or more but it made lurch upwards out
of bed with my eyes wide open looking around after a time i settled back down and went to sleep. i must have gone into a deep deep sleep because i
don't remember having any dreams when i woke up and i felt different as if
something was taken away from me, i could not put it into words as it was if
felt drained so i did not practice any chakra exercises for several days thinking i may have overdone it a little
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