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Originally Posted by briam
i must advise people who practice cleansing opening and closing there chakras to be extremely carful given me a lift so far home because there was no more buses as they had finished running in the area as we chatted about what had gone at the event he mentioned he had been mentally ill and heed been seeing dark black smokes shapes floating bye, this seemed to flag up a red alert in my mind, Oh i said

Hi Briam
Hopefully I can be of any assistance to your experience and expand on it. You're right, it's true we shouldn't go playing around without the continued and competent help of a teacher or at least an advanced student who has become adept at it themselves and knows what is actually going on.

Seeing the black smoke shapes behind the eyes is a very simple and initial phenomena often called "black phosphourus" all it means is that you relaxed the mind enough to be able to set a gaze upon the internal visual cortex stimulation without external visual stimulation. It means nothing more passed what a person's mind makes them abstract so there should be no rational fear there. It's a good sign lol, used as a foundation for specific other practices.

The activation of the centers you described also makes me think of two things, you have some prana shakti actived and/or you irritated the nervous system which is easy to do if your vayus are out of balance.

DO NOT do any of those practices unless BOTH YOUR NOSTRILS are open and clear. I know that sounds crazy but there's some things to understand and going about it by yourself isn't a recommended course of action. The relationship between the breath and use of focus aren't something most people understand so congrats on that but going any further requires somebody probably walk you through what you should be doing if you have a specific goal in mind.

STOP if you feel needles, ants crawling on your skin, something tickling your hair etc... at the very least keep you tongue folded touching the roof of the mouth if you continue (kechari mudra).
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