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Originally Posted by running
Anything is possihle. Heres the things i have been saying since i have been here.

Everything dissolves into the bliss. Everything dissolves into the intoxicating joy. Shakti and shiva supercede emotions and circumstances. The bliss and silence are indestructible. The intoxicating joy become endless.

To be honest. I like shakti and shiva supercede emotions and circumstances. Since it says it all in one sentence. But thats just my opinion

It is all there to experience and use, if your aware of this.

And yes anything is possible in the whole nature of life and being you.

For some everything might dissolve, for others it doesn't and may not while alive.

So the nature of deepening into your own bliss, often opens up a balance that doesn't need to address it one way or another.

Just being aware, present and alive, being yourself.

Aware and opening up as you can and are able.

So for those opening their heart, it can be both painful and difficult. Or in your case riding the wave of bliss and joy. For another in the gutter and homeless without food it becomes a whole other story and process. :)

So even as you show this, I would just add that awareness of others is important to the whole stream of states we can access and believe are the way to do things.

So heart matters in this way open me to go deeper and become aware of more in regard to heart awakenings and energy shifting and moving itself.

Each one showing a way but not necessarily the way it has to be. Or will be of course.
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