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Its all related and the more you integrate in everyway its noticeable.

I notice this in myself in this way. And I am noticing it in your own process of sharing.

Your adding things to things and making more out of things that were once as they were building and sharing a much more expanded picture. Where as previously you were not doing this.

That seems to be the natural path of going deeper. Integrating everything back to emptiness and completeness.

So don't be deterred by my noticing. I just notice this because I notice these things in myself. It seems the more open you are to your own process in a shared space everything flows in to show us more.

Even though they say less is best, more makes less possible. And less makes more possible. So it goes...

But getting back to the topic, the heart of things often opens up the heart in everyway of itself to clear out the heart back to understanding and compassion.

So I do understand what your sharing now, more clearly in terms of the bigger picture that was being conveyed as ego death around one issue of being laughed at and being taken seriously and not being laughed and not taking things to serious.

Allowing all aspects of pain to subside back to emptiness and not engage in it but allow it to move your through to joy of being you.

So now in reading through this, it would be more about what I call real ego death, real silence, real awareness and real heartfelt connection.

All of which comes into this picture your now showing.

All of which allows you to keep on keeping on without any need to defend your view as you know it to be and feel.

Sourcing ones infinite nature and flow. I suppose you could say. :0
“God’s one and only voice are Silence.” ~ Herman Melville

Man has learned how to challenge both Nature and art to become the incitements to vice! His very cups he has delighted to engrave with libidinous subjects, and he takes pleasure in drinking from vessels of obscene form! Pliny the Elder
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