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Originally Posted by Makoorakoo
ok i believe im going to valhalla because of what my meditations have told me and from what the norse gods have cared to say through my meditations. I believe i will be training to help fend off evil or perhaps to help evil depending on what happens (note:i am not evil or neutral i am good at the moment) and my true realm is where i should be as we speak as it is the place where from looking through meditations (yet again) is where i was taken from for my own safety and brought to this realm as a human. I would rather keep my knowlege of my true realm as discreet as possibe so i shall so no more

Makoorakoo, could I make an observation? Firstly, would it not make more sense to be fighting off evil in this realm for it is on our planet, Earth, where that which is classed as 'Evil' as most providence, in my opinion? Secondly, you must be a spiritual person to even want to undertake meditation so why is it that you believe in a place called Valhalla. In my experience, no such place exists, however, the lower astral realm is most similar, generally speaking, to a place which may be called Valhalla. This is because the spirits there are usually the ones who have not progressed past 'evil' earthly emotions such as greed, hate etc. What do you think of this?

Thanks for reading, Kundalini.