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I lost my Grandfather three years ago and even though I got to say good-bye for now I told him before he passed that I did not need know he was okay. I feel the spiritual energy from living and deceased so I knew he would be okay. But not too long after he passed he entered my dreams and his wonderful smile lite up my whole dream. He never listened to me when he was alive why should he in death. :lol: Sometimes it take not asking for proof to receive proof. I am not saying that red you should stop talking to him just tell him when you are both ready to see each other that will be fine. He may need to know that you are okay before him letting you know he is okay. I believe both parties much be ready for the experience in order to work. Although I did not think I was ready for it but I knew if he lived his body would be in extreme pain and I would not want that. Keep having faith and hope that you will communicate somehow just do not try too hard. Hope that I was not cold hearted sounding and if so my apologies. Take Care,