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Originally Posted by Kaere
Hi nightowl,

It wasn't that the priest wasn't letting them in - but they couldn't get to where they wanted to go by that door. He was trying to tell them they had to go in a different door to get to where they were going. But they weren't listening to his very patient explanations. He was saying "look, you want to go to the Sanctuary. Okay, go back that way and take the next door". But they weren't heeding his advice.

I just can't understand why the church and catholicism would be in my dreams at all. I am not religious and in fact, this may sound rude, I view catholicism and all it's mysteries in somewhat the same way someone might view an ancient tribe and it's shaman or witchdoctor. It's just not a part of me - very foreign. So your ideas about being a bride or body of the church is quite good but I just can't see it being me.

Yes I realized what you were saying about the door I just didn't finish my thought. I can understand you not relating to the Catholicism from a religious stand point.

Let me share everything that I see in it and maybe it will be clearer.

I see the dream as a representation of faith or belief in general. It is a bigger message than just you, at least this is what I think.

I come from a Christian background so the symbolism speaks to me.

Maybe it is trying to express to you that we are all part of a universal belief system. Regardless of how you approach religion. You sitting on the left side of the church speaks to me of those, who in scripture, are the believers from the other pasture. The ones not in the church. Not as a condemnation but as the unseen brides, or believers. There are those who do not follow what the priest say but still beleive in there own ways. They can enter into the sanctuary just not through the way they think they must enter.

I can't speak to how it applies to you personally, as I do not know what you believe or do not believe. Maybe there is a mystery with faith you are being directed to investigate. I can't remember for sure what 5 represent?

I don't know if this cleared anything up for you...

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