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Originally Posted by Kaere
To start, I should explain that Catholicism seems to be cropping up in my dreams and meditations. I am not Catholic at all, not even close. Here's my dream from last night.

I was in a Catholic church what is with the Catholic theme, I really don't get it. It was Christmas time there was a priest there and some other people and we had been wrapping presents and organizing food, like for a get together after a service. I was wearing my wedding dress (veil and everything) and I didn't know anybody there but I was still a part of the Church somehow. I was sitting in a pew by myself on the left side, about 5 rows back. We were all singing The Twelve Days of Christmas, kept alternating between the fourth and third days. Then some touristy type people came to the front door wanting in the priest was trying to explain that they could come in but they couldn't go into the sanctuary from here, they had to go in a different door, but they weren't understanding what he was explaining.

So if anyone has any thoughts on this, I'm open to hearing them. The wedding dress has me a little stumped.

Maybe it has to do with a universal look at faith, as catholic, in definition was a word used to express a universal view, the catholic church used at as being the universal church, broad in extent...being a bride, in Christian theology the bride is the body of the church, the people themselves as being the bride of Christ pe se.

Have you looked up the lyric for the twelve days of Christmas, three and four are birds. Three french hens in the song from a Christian perspective represented faith, hope and charity and the four calling birds were representative of the four gospels. I do think the priest not letting the people in the doors is interesting...the more I look at it the more meaning I see in it...but it is your dream... Does any of this speak to you? Hope it helps...

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