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Originally Posted by davidmartin
but you said you were disgusted I couldn't understand why. I also have mariners in my family, believe it or not one of them was meant to be on the titanic, he was a deck hand or loader of some kind. it sailed off and the next thing the family knew he's back home saying he didn't like something about the way cargo was being stacked up. guess that is intuition. my grandad was a waiter on a cruise liner, another served in ww1 in the navy and another was a master mariner.

Yes I am shocked and disgusted, but there's nothing I can do I'm not responsible for their actions.
Gosh intuition definitely at play regarding your Titanic Ancestor, another lucky Man. The good thing about Mariners is you have plenty of documentation around in Archives if your Researching your Family Tree. The problem is sometimes what you find is not what you like...
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