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Encouragement to Stay on The Way.

Hello my brothers and sisters, and all who strive towards the Body of Christ. I would like to share some encouragement that you stay on The Way that our Lord Jesus Christ gave us, and indeed is our Lord Jesus Christ. God, who is bringing us to Him on a moment by moment basis as far as we are willing to cooperate. God, whose Love and Mercy have neither beginning nor end. God, who gives power to the discerning and wisdom to the wise; being just to all people regardless of creed, religion, race and what have you. God, who looks at our hearts intent and rewards all our deeds, to Whom Justice belongs.

Let us always bring before us the message that our Lord Jesus Christ left for us to share with others, and let's be strong in holding onto that and nothing else. Let's not allow any adulteration to come to this message with was meant for all but received by a few.

1. St. John the Baptist came and preached repentance and the right ways of the Lord. He spoke of the soon coming Baptism.
2. Jesus, our Messiah and Saviour preached repentance and the right ways of the Lord. He brought the Baptism.
3. The Apostles who were sent by Jesus preached repentance and brought the Logos to bear through this Baptism.

We as members of the Body of Christ are to follow what the Apostles did and not stray from this message no matter what; neither adding nor subtracting from it.

However, there are teachings that creep into this message and dilute it, denying its all-saving power and make it of no use. There are teachers that lead the way and delude others into thinking that The Way is one part of the answer and the answer can be found in many other ways. There are many self-formed ideas having they're foundation upon the ego that have as their only aim to mislead.

Now, ours is not a path that is next to other possible paths to get to the truth; it is The Path & there is none other. There are only two paths, the wide one and the narrow one. Ours cannot be given by an advanced student in the mastery of mind and breath sitted in trance in his cave; flesh and bones will rot. Ours comes from the Incorruptible One who has power over life and death. Ours cannot be attained by some meditation or mental discipline, some physical exercise involving pose or breath. What truth lies within the flesh? Then those far older than us would have reached it. What truth lies within the mind? Then those who have minds would have reached it. What truth lies in the breath? Isn't this not an action of a living heart and functioning lungs?

We cannot reach the truth by our own self, we need the Creator to fill in the blanks. This is our way, given to us that we must walk, and the message must be taught undiluted.

The Good Shepherd extends His Hands in a gesture of blessing to His beloved flock and sends His regards.

God bless you my brothers and sisters.
Spare me the religious names, I'm just a friend of Jesus.
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