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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
My friend said she is dealing with depression and anxiety,
(gazing with Braco helps her). Ok.

So I say, What's this depression all about?

She says, Ancestral DNA.

I go, 'I know, I have Ancestral DNA that I am adorable, yet have a knack to draw idiots to me...
and pets that manipulate me.'

But really, Whassup with this Ancestral DNA?

Hi Miss H! I've seen one very large family torn to bits by only one member getting an ancestral DNA test and then circulating the results to the entire family. Prior to the DNA test and subsequent results, everyone had great pride in their heritage from one specific region of the planet. After the DNA test revealed that the family originated at a far greater percentage from another part of the planet entirely, many members of the family started questioning their identity and their whole upbringing based on their former beliefs. Some even became angry and depressed.

I personally wouldn't take a DNA test. I just like the fact that I am a human being on this planet having a human experience and learning as I go. But learning about my heritage I feel just mucks up the works. Some things are best left unknown in my humble opinion.
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