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Originally Posted by psychoslice
Yes but even all that is of the mind, it all means nothing to the Cosmos, like the age of Aquarius, its all metaphorical, nothing to take serious.

oh, i don't know about that.

ENERGY! cosmic energy ... constellation of aquarius, the AGE of aquarius ... planetary alignment ... and our ability to articulate and communicate SO MUCH about SO MUCH of all of it.

age of aquarius is pretty legitimate, just like any other age or era. the "dark" ages, the "golden" ages ... they're valid. and so is the age of aquarius, and the "mother" of it.

i read that "her light will flash forward and awaken the christ heart & mind of the children of humanity" ... and i think that's RIGHT ON.

anyway ... i understand "oneness" but i'm a "separatist".

i'm *always* me ... even when i'm "i".

do you live as "me" or do you live as "i" or some other way?
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