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It's not technology as we know it. It could be screens and people, the density of everything is different- earth has a dense vibration compared with the afterlife, so we can interact with things here.

In the afterlife, everything is transparent but it's still real for that dimension, and you can interact with it.

You might be able to manoeuvre things differently- with your mind, just conscious intention, or there is some kind of touch-respond system but with less dense bodies and surroundings. ?

After and around 2012 they were talking about how the density of earth was undergoing changes and a lot of resistance building on the planet and light vs dark energies competing for power.

The grids shifting moved people in some cases- if it was part of how they are evolving, from one lifetime to the next whilst still on earth and they underwent changes. Confusion and loss of identity could have been a part of it/normal/commonplace. Some people have been transitioning lives without dying and soul levels and the grid shifting triggered/facilitated this.

I think the population resisted it as a defence against the shifting of the magnetic grids. What this means is that our thinking and ways on earth become backwards- we clung to lower vibrations and dragged each other down.

We are living in a consciousness that references how we were 150yrs ago. We set ourselves into it because we are scared of what the planet is going through. It'd be like a domino effect, they all fall, something tips them over. They can't support each other to stand up straight again because they're all tipping.

Crisis helps people move through change and jump start it but it's not always positive- how it happens, what comes out of it.. it's meant to help, and move you, but it doesn't always do that.

I think then we have to find a way out of it, the lessons you were meant to be moving through work into lower vibrational energies and there's a struggle to emerge out of it.
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