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Yoga is a path and it contains many pieces.. the asanas are only one part..
You can also do breathing exercises (pranayana). Those are already very beneficial..

But I do agree with LibbyScorp.. to have freedom in the spine and body is an amazing feeling and totally worth it..
I used to think I was healthy and agile... well now I would say I didn't know until I did asanas!

Some say your spine will reveal your true age!

The great thing about these practices is that they are very practical and you can develop that connection with other layers of yourself..
There's no need for any 'philosophy' or discussion.. you just do it, observe, and grow..
That's not just asanas but other pieces of yoga too. Do and observe.

Good luck with the side crow, LibbyScorp.. it's one heck of an asana to master!
But the fun is in the challenge.
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