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Originally Posted by RadiantPearl
This may be a complicated question but if so I was wondering how I can add this on to my everyday life. If junk food is bad for spirit (speaking in terms of whether it may be because I don’t know) is it okay to have it occasionally? Or should I just stay away from it altogether. If the answer is yes junk is bad I’d possibly like to know which junk foods are bad so I can better myself. :)
My parents eat meat or fish almost daily. I eat what my parents eat. My friend does not eat meat. Yet none of my family nor my friend has the spiritual experience. Disbelief is usually the response of talking out and open.

Without the massive amounts of different nutrients found in fish and meat I surely would not have grown as strong and healthy as my body did.

One problem with junk food is that it is often meat without much solid fat, that is the unhealthy part. Eating lots of foods that lack fat can make the body believe we are experiencing hungry times. The logical way for the body to respond is to convert anything it can into fat and await more abundant times. This is a very recent insight spread by some scientists and when I think about it, it kinda makes sense.

Surely what we eat changes our perception sometimes a bit and sometimes a lot. But in the end, you can feed a bear all the grass you want, it will always remain a bear.
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