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Spirit-Masters? Who are they? Sometimes it is deceased loved ones of the NDE-er who say such things, not some jumped-up heirarchical Beings.

But even so, when a person glimpses/senses "Heaven" they almost always do not want to come back. But what if they have to -to fulfil their life purpose? It's a bit like waking up in the morning. I know I don't want to. Thank goodness for alarm clocks or I would stay there.
Maybe the 'voices'....'Beings'.....instructions...whatever, may sound cold but it isn't really meant that way? But it has to be firm in a sense, or that person would not wish to return. A bit like alarm clocks....

I know, in my own way. I have a sweet connection with a loved one who has passed. Most times we have a lovely connection heart-to-heart. Then there are some times I appear to be quite shut out. My instincts are telling me that apart from what they have to do there, I also have to live life down here -not in a half-world. Sometimes I have to go away and get down to my ordinary life in my own way. (Monday-morning-feeling! LOL!)
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