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Originally Posted by hazada guess
I agree with what inavalan found by The Seth books. I was once a vegan and I found it easy to connect to my spiritual side.Then i went vegetarian to eventually eating meat on occasion.
I find that when i eat meat,it does make you more grounded and less able to connect to your spiritual side.I am now mainly a vegetarian as I feel it is much more healthy for me though I do have a blow out and eat meat occasionally.

Im kinda like that diet the older I get looks more and more Mediterranean for protean and lots of fruit and vegetables....

And we're very honest about where our food comes from. We live on the Gulf of Mexico and fish all the time....the small amount of red meat we consume...we hunt and get it ourselves....mostly venison.

Flexi-Girl....I say this with all respect and also will say that you're one of the ones on this forum that I honestly like.....but if you're going to be espousing a dietary choice that the vast majority of the people on this planet cannot handle from a metabolic've got to expect a bit of pushback!
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